August 16, 2017

What is Content Marketing: Driving Profit Through Content Optimization

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a business process that requires you to create engaging content that attracts strangers to your website, convert them into leads, and persuade them to purchase. Content marketing also helps build lasting relationships with existing customers, turning them into promoters.

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Marketing to Smart Consumers

Consumers these days are smarter than they were years ago. Purchases are now driven by good value rather than low price. If you’re a retailer and you’re not making enough sales, it could be because you’re not meeting customer expectations.

For 86% of Americans it is important to compare prices from different sellers, according to the 2015 Pew Research Center Online Shopping and E-Commerce Survey. The Deloitte 2016 Holiday Survey, meanwhile, states that when it comes to holiday shopping, 84% of consumers perform online research before purchasing gifts.

As a brand, you need to create content that addresses the issues that might keep a customer from purchasing your product. Your content should tell interesting stories about the benefits your products can offer. You need to earn the customer’s trust before you can expect them to do business with you.

This is where a strategic content marketing plan is essential. Every content you publish needs to solve a problem or entertain your audience. Preferably both. If you produce poor and uninformative content, you’re training your audience to look somewhere else.

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How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing plan integrates smart content, search engine optimization, and social media into one holistic strategy. These three aspects of content marketing should come hand in hand and should never be treated separately.

As mentioned earlier, smart content empowers, entertains, and educates your audience. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, improves your content by following best practices so that it gets discovered by the right people - the ones that are already looking for your product. Social media, meanwhile, helps increase content views, boost your website traffic, and build brand awareness.

Content marketing is not a short-term project with immediate results. It is a long-term game plan for driving profit by building lasting relationships with consumers.


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